One Week With Kobe

Monday, February 25, 2013

After five and a half years spending his life with a couple of non-feline relatives under one roof, it's time for Kiki to accept an adopted brother, a cute little feline into his territory. This less than three-month old male kitten, weighing at 500gm, was named Kobe after a brief brainstorming session held for that cause. The kitten is not Japanese-bred like the bobtail, so aren't we but at least it sounds closer to Asia than Smokey the cat. It's an inspiration from the Akashi-Kaikyo and the renowned Wagyu beef.

On first introduction, Kiki was showing his dominance and control of his territory to the newcomer Kobe. No welcome greetings from him, only seething hisses, deep growls and sharp teeth were on display. There was totally no love for young Kobe which is one-tenth of Kiki's body size and weight. Scared and depressed by Kiki's two-inch paws, Kobe was quietly resorted to one side of his carrier box, which used to be Kiki's. Nothing that a small kid can do, huh.

Three days later... Kiki was seen licking on Kobe's head when the latter got his chance out of the cage. Yup, he was caged up most of the time in this early stage to avoid unnecessary harmful situations that the bigger Kiki could put him in. At this acclimatization period, the little one is very vulnerable to attacks by a more dominant cat. It's uncommon that male adult cats could kill their or other kittens but shit happens.

These adults could be a danger to the young ones, unintentionally, all are depending on their acceptance of the situation. However, little known of the real reason for this rare behavior (killing kittens). Jealousy, maybe?

Since there is no more hissing or fierce-look display from Kiki, it is assumed that he already approved Kobe into his territory. No more anger, no more hatred. Sometime they walk together here and there around the house, show some affection towards each other (not the gayish kind of thing) while some other time they spend on playing police and thief. In this case police always have the upper hand, undoubtedly. It's a good thing that they now are willing to share almost everything, from food bowls to wood- and sand-filled potties.

May they live happily ever after. To Kobe, welcome to your new home. To Kiki, show some love to a brother.

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biqqueMalaysiabiqque said:

two cute little monsters! hahaha!

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