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Thursday, January 31, 2013

It has been a while since my last post last year (yeah, technically) before all the dead silence. A lot of planning stuff need to be done at the fresh start of year and those required most of my attention (yeah right). With series of long weekends and something new that came to my agenda for the year, I was literally taken away from this blogosphere. Since this is just another 3-day workweek, I'm pretty free to write. Not really but while waiting for my queen to pack her bag home, I take this opportunity to resharpen back my typing skill.

So, what were interesting events and occurences that took place early this year? Close to home, maybe two of the headlines and trending topics off the news and online community that really caught my attention. Why so little? In 30 days, only two came up to me? Unfortunately, yes. It got me thinking as well. Was I so busy? Hmmm...

First, in no particular order, is the 'Listen' issue which sparked an outrage among the netizens over a 20-something minutes videos posted on Youtube. A totally nonsense act from a forum moderator. There's nothing else to say.

Then, it was followed by the Curry Powder Escape in Penang where two of the escapees (convicts) had finally been shot (killed yeah) while the rest were recaptured (cuffed yeah). Another one might be still at large (duh). This is an unfortunate event where several inmates (I think of 7 of them) made an escape when being transported from point A to point B (which I'm not sure of) just by using curry powder. Some reports said the powder used was instant noodle seasoning. LOL. I guessed they used Sedaaapp...noodle extra kaww hot and spicy. LOL again.

Aaahhh...there was another one. The new year's eve. Fireworks and concerts with various local artists and gorgeous international models gathered at Merdeka Square way before the strike of midnight on the eve of 1st January. sounds like a fragment but who cares yeah. Then, after the 12th strike of the old grandfather clock, late night party started with typical fireworks displays and 1Malaysia branding tunes. But guess who were the majority of the attendees? Indonesians and Bangladeshis made up the majority of the crowd that night. An Indonesian acquiantance told me about how bad they stucked in traffic that night but enjoyed the atmosphere after all. I think I was already in bed by then.

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